Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A little something that annoys me

Wealthy people bragging about their stuff, I have to say.

I've been getting more annoyed about it. Not that I have anything against wealthy people - just people who brag about it. And I'm not even jealous. Honestly, not one bit. It would be nice to have more money, definitely, but I don't yearn after it and I don't feel bitter or lacking something because we're not 'rich'.

This feeling has come about after this week's My Space. A regular column focusing on a room in some rich person's house in The Age's Sunday supplement Sunday Life. I'm sure I've been aware of the odd exception but generally they are rich, stylish and live in affluent suburbs - and I'm also sure they love the opportunity to brag about their stuff. This week it was Phillipa Grogan of Phillipa's Bakery fame. It was refreshing to see, for a change, that her kitchen was a bit daggy - maybe circa 1990? Large, functional and clean but clearly a bit dated. Anyway, the thing that annoyed me was that Sunday Life were hasty to add that Phillipa was 'currently consulting with architects on redesigning the kitchen'. I don't know it just sounded like it was grovelling to people who care about that kind of stuff.

As I read it I actually said out loud in my exagerated old lady posh voice "Well, I should hope so!"

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