Monday, August 1, 2011

Cannae believe a year has passed..well, almost...

I'm glad I kept this blog though...The entry I left it at was pretty telling. The calm before the storm. Actually that's not really the right metaphor. I was hardly calm...trying desperately to be but definitely not.

I was so confused back then in September. I was suffering anxiety and depression but didn't know it at the time. I had experienced anxiousness before, and to some degree depression, so I thought that I would just snap out of it but I didn't. It spiraled and by October I was a jibbering mess. I got help - really, really tried to get myself well again without medication but finally realised I needed those pills and went on the lowest dose. I started to feel more myself around the beginning of this year and have been off the medication for about a month and a half and feeling good. Actually really good!

Now I want to get back into this blog and what better way than to start with this Nablopomo thing.


What a great subject to get my teeth into. I'm going to go with the prompt as I'm feeling a bit sluggish and lazy. So my favourite book? It's a hard one for me because - like film, TV shows, music - it changes like the wind. To this question I typically answer:  Slaughterhouse Five and Confederacy of Dunces - also The Passion by Jeannette Winterson and anything by Fay Weldon.. But I feel a bit wrong rattling these off at the moment because I haven't read Slaughterhouse Five in about five years (although I've read it many times), I haven't read The Passion for even longer (and I think if I read it again I'll realise I've outgrown it). I've only read Confederacy of Dunces the once and have been tempted to buy it a couple of times but haven't. I did LOVE it though and actually shed a tear after I finished it knowing the author John Kennedy Toole had committed suicide and wasted all that talent (a very similar tear was shed over Amy Winehouse)

I shall leave it there for now....until the next time when I, hopefully, have something of interest to say!