Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's a....BOY!

Two boys. Oh my God.

Sweeney Lucas is absolutely divine and it's amazing, now after a little over two weeks of life with him I would have it no other way...BUT...

I have to say I've had the odd moment where I've had to address the fact I was really hoping for a girl. There were moments where I regretted not finding out earlier whereby I would have 'come to terms' with the fact I will most likely never have a daughter long before Sweeney was born. There were actual secret tears in the hospital where I thought about never being able to use the name Greta for my daughter. Especially gazing at Sweeney's fine features and pretty little face.

I'm ok with it all now. As I said I would have it no other way and I think the thoughts were more to do with the fact that I've had my last child. I only ever wanted two kids and now I've had them..that's it. So I think it's more than likely that if I did have my Greta I would be mourning a little for my lost Sweeney.

TWO BOYS, Who would have thunk it!