Thursday, July 23, 2009

OMG! Two posts in one day!

Well I had to talk about Genies, didn't I?

After I posted this morning I realised how very easy it is to not go ahead with things I vow I will do. Actually, It's embarrassing! I'm sure there are people out there, people I've met along the way, that would be surprised where I've ended up. I hasten to add that I am in a perfectly happy and contented place but I know I convinced quite a few of my fellow travellers through life I was going to be the next Gillian Armstrong or Jeanette Wintersson - or just someone famous.

This morning I realised that I don't even believe myself even as I type the words so the only way to get this belief back is to prove it!

Where was I? Genies, how could I forget...

So I mentioned Twilight back there two posts ago. I realised with a bit of a sinking feeling that the general premise for my Genie idea and Twilight were very similar - basically Girl from this world meets Boy from Otherworld and through him, we (as the audience) discover a whole new hidden (magical) landscape that is right under our noses. I never really thought further than this but I did have some kind of vague notion about Bad Genies who threaten my girl protagonist and the Good Genies defending her - yes, another major similarity to Twilight.

I still don't think these similarities mean that I can't go ahead with my idea. I mean, when I studied Screenwriting we were told over and over again that there are only 16 types of stories and all stories are versions of these. The story that I have described above has been told over and over again (interesting though, that I can't think of other examples right at the moment - then again, I am brain fried at 9:30pm and Sweeney still hasn't settled - I can hear him in the background and I know, any minute, Asa is going to ask me to help) but I still want to tweak it. I still want the protagonist to be a girl so at the moment the idea is that she is one of them but didn't realise it. It's actually pretty cool how I came to this idea. I was watching Classic Tales on ABC Kids with Pascal and it was the story of the Ugly Duckling. It made me think about how, not only did the Ugly Duckling find his family, but that they were more beautiful than any of the other birds that made fun of him along the way. Then immediately I thought there's my protagonist. All along she's been ridiculed and never belonged and in the end she's a Genie -much, much cooler than any of the biatches who made fun of her.

Ok, again, not the most original story line but it's the one for now.

Anyway, I told you Asa would ask me to help. Better go, I am indeed kernackered!

Family Life Interlude #1

That's right, Interlude! Because I say as I do and do as I say and this blog is going to be all about Genies and it's development yessiree!!

So we got right into Masterchef. Of course, it was pretty much a given with my predilection for reality TV and the fact it's beaten all the ratings records. I loved it because of the food and how everyone was just so nice to each other. There was not much voting off going on and when there was it was all tears, hugs, kisses and sorries (which looked and felt genuine). It was just a really heartwarming snuggly buggly show - I know I'm not saying anything new here as it's really the word on the street.

So the highlights! And how I wish I had the footage to embed (and knew how to embed it). You see, I grew up with the 'rewind moment' repetoire joke. This is when a moment on film strikes you as funny and you keep rewinding it and playing it again and again until it takes on a mad and hilarious life of it's own!

Ok, this tradition is not handed down by my parents. In fact, when my best friend from primary school Kylie and I first discovered The Rewind Moment (a scene where Shelley Winters falls down a lift shaft and her bouffant hairdo gets a jiggle in Towering Inferno ) they thought it was just really annoying and definitely NOT funny in the slightest.

I've found that people who generally share my sense of humour (including Asa, my partner) have appreciated the rewind moment and quite often had discovered it for themselves (and I realise I have gone on quite the tangent but you see where this is going don't you? Hint: George Calombaris Buttah).

Some other classic rewind moments through the ages: Cocoon II - The Return when Jack Gilford (and no I don't remember the names off the top of my head) who plays one of the old men is trying to hang himself but is interrupted by a knock on the door and he says 'Just a minute' at the same time he falls off the chair; Meet Joe Black where Brad Pitt is run over by a car. Oh anyway, you had to be there.

Back to Masterchef and life with a HDD recorder! We had lots of fun and I'm very proud to pass the rewind moment on to the next generation - Pascal laughs the loudest!
Ok, The Highlights!

  • George Calombaris' passionate enunciation of the word Butter. This happened on more than one occasion but we liked it best when he was making Roast chicken and BUTTAHED potatoes in an early masterclass episode. Now the whole family says BUTTAH instead of butter.
  • Chris' evil little giggle when he won a challenge - I forget which one
  • Matt Preston chuckling into his cravate after a particularly nice feed (can't remember what dish)
  • Andre yelling out 'Go Poh' in the final challenge with Julie.

There were many more but I'm realising they don't pack the same punch without the footage on a loop. Must dash, real life with a 12 week old and five year old beckons!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Is it as hard for Heather B Armstrong to bang out a post? There's one all about my dance class fiasco in my drafts that's just not working out for me and I guess will sit there for a while. *Sigh* I don't know...

It's just that the blogs I read are so funny and well written and seem so effortless. My emails are like that, why can't I get to that place when I sit down and write this blog?

Anyway, enough of that. I've decided that this blog is going to become FUNCTIONAL. Seeing as I still don't have an audience then there's no-one to STEAL my wonderful idea for a book. A series of books for teenagers. I was just washing the dishes listening to the best radio station in the world RRR when the song California Soul came on. I have this song on a mixed CD entitled *****. Why was it called *****? Because this was the soundtrack for the film script I was going to write. All about a secret would of ***** or whatever you want to call them.

I made this mixed tape in 2006 and who knows, if I'd followed through maybe I'd be up there with J K Rowlings? Ok, that might sound a bit deluded but you just never know...

I'm sick of not following things through so this ***** idea has cropped up again. It's been showing itself recently. There's been the success of Twilight which has reminded me again of what can happen when an idea really takes off. **** are untapped. I have to go now as I don't want to get into that trap of running late again (so easy to do now with baby Sweeney).

Next post will be all about my vision! Oh, I'm so inspired!!