Thursday, July 23, 2009

OMG! Two posts in one day!

Well I had to talk about Genies, didn't I?

After I posted this morning I realised how very easy it is to not go ahead with things I vow I will do. Actually, It's embarrassing! I'm sure there are people out there, people I've met along the way, that would be surprised where I've ended up. I hasten to add that I am in a perfectly happy and contented place but I know I convinced quite a few of my fellow travellers through life I was going to be the next Gillian Armstrong or Jeanette Wintersson - or just someone famous.

This morning I realised that I don't even believe myself even as I type the words so the only way to get this belief back is to prove it!

Where was I? Genies, how could I forget...

So I mentioned Twilight back there two posts ago. I realised with a bit of a sinking feeling that the general premise for my Genie idea and Twilight were very similar - basically Girl from this world meets Boy from Otherworld and through him, we (as the audience) discover a whole new hidden (magical) landscape that is right under our noses. I never really thought further than this but I did have some kind of vague notion about Bad Genies who threaten my girl protagonist and the Good Genies defending her - yes, another major similarity to Twilight.

I still don't think these similarities mean that I can't go ahead with my idea. I mean, when I studied Screenwriting we were told over and over again that there are only 16 types of stories and all stories are versions of these. The story that I have described above has been told over and over again (interesting though, that I can't think of other examples right at the moment - then again, I am brain fried at 9:30pm and Sweeney still hasn't settled - I can hear him in the background and I know, any minute, Asa is going to ask me to help) but I still want to tweak it. I still want the protagonist to be a girl so at the moment the idea is that she is one of them but didn't realise it. It's actually pretty cool how I came to this idea. I was watching Classic Tales on ABC Kids with Pascal and it was the story of the Ugly Duckling. It made me think about how, not only did the Ugly Duckling find his family, but that they were more beautiful than any of the other birds that made fun of him along the way. Then immediately I thought there's my protagonist. All along she's been ridiculed and never belonged and in the end she's a Genie -much, much cooler than any of the biatches who made fun of her.

Ok, again, not the most original story line but it's the one for now.

Anyway, I told you Asa would ask me to help. Better go, I am indeed kernackered!

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