Monday, November 2, 2009

Trying to explain my thoughts on the blogging world (aka The Blogosphere)

So yes, as I was saying. If the blogosphere was a gender she would definitely be female. She can be kind, warm, inviting, nurturing and inclusive; hilariously funny and profoundly moving; witty and intelligent and delightfully low brow; strong and inspiring; a mother, a sister, a friend.

For the last couple of years, as an observer playing a safe distance away from the main playground, this was the impression I got. There was something for everyone and everyone seemed to play nice.

Now as I find myself wanting to participate more, the blogosphere is showing me her other side which I find - dare I say - equally female in nature. That is cliquey, bitchy and in some extreme instances bitterly envious. There are sites like this one which seem, at times, positively venomous...

...and then there are the comments boards.

Left: my brain trying to sort this subject out.

So, the good ol' comments. This is where the true nature of the Blogosphere is revealed. I have to admit the comments on blogs have always annoyed me for some reason. On sites like Dooce, for instance, En masse there is something sycophantic about the hundreds, sometimes thousands of comments saying 'best. post. ever.' and the like. There is something reminiscent of the screaming women in the Oprah audience. I can't really talk as I've commented on the Dooce and I think I even said 'I LOVE YOU' (caps and all) so yeah, I'm not having a go at the individual, it's the monster we create together, chums!

So yeah, I have been commenting more regularly and I've been my most prolific on Mamamia. The thing I love about her site is that she encourages feedback and comments and there is a real community feel to it. As a person Mia seems really sweet. I like that she has guest posters which I think really shows a generous spirit. She's self effacing, articulate and is a deep thinker but, yeah, I also have to be honest and say I prefer my writing a bit edgier, a bit more irreverent, a bit grittier, a bit less earnest. Mia has yet to make me piss myself laughing* unlike Catherine Deveny (Whom I wish would start a blog but I wouldn't be surprised if she can't be bothered - and that makes me love her even more!)

Anyway, where the fuck was I (I said I liked it dirty so I better grit the fuck up myself as well!).

So I've been adding my two cents worth here and there at Mamamia. Mostly my comments go unacknowledged (which is fine, really honestly I'm just fine) but there has been the odd occasion a fellow sycophant, I mean commentor, has agreed with my POV and even given me a smiley face (aww noice). The other day, however, I found myself in a bitchfight with none other than the guest poster herself!

Stay tuned! I will give you a clue - it had something to do with my rambling which I'm doing right now.

I shall gather my thoughts and tell you the story tomorrow my invisible little friends!

*Not literally, my pelvic floor is quite strong despite having two kids and not doing my exercises. Ok, I'm doing them right now.

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