Friday, November 6, 2009

No! I'm telling you once and for all, there is no such thing as the date November 5

That's just plain crazy talk!

Ok, you've got me. I was just trying to fool you so that you wouldn't notice I forgot to blog yesterday. Bummer dude!

And yesterday something actually happened. It was Pascal's first day of school! Well, not really, that's officially next year in February sometime. It was his orientation where I actually had to drop him off for two hours and where he got to have lunch with his grade six buddy...oh how cute!

On the walk there I was falling in love with him all over again (I think it actually happens at least once a day). He was so happy and grown up with his backpack on.

When we enter the Prep room, which is abuzz with activity, Pascal goes all shy. He asks me in his funny voice* if I am going to stay but it's wavering and I can tell by the look in his eyes he doesn't want me to go. I try not to make a big deal of leaving (which is easy as I know he's going to be ok) and he finally accepts I'm not staying but looks kind of uncertain.

I come home (oh how I love that the school is a five minute walk away!) and 2 hours, well, an hour and a half is over in a blink of an eye.

I go back for the pick up and hear Pascal's excited screech and a guy's voice sounding a bit pissed off. It's the father of one of the prep boys who was actually the lead singer in a kind of famous melbourne indie pop band which was around in the mid to late nineties. Pascal and his son (so I'm not completely mortified) are hitting him. It was kind of awkward as I can't help but think he must at least know my face as I was kind of in the scene and knew the drummer of his band (Gawd, thank god I wasn't a groupie!). I'm embarrassed for some reason as he's still a bit intimidating in that cool lead singer kind of way.

His partner seems really, really nice which makes me think he must be nice too.

The school is definitely run down and crappy to look at but very impressed with the prep teacher, principle and the other families. Everyone is very cool and friendly. Lots of colour and RRR stickers so I'm happy.

I think.

*This voice is really hard to explain, hence the asterix as I feel a post within a post coming on. I'm sure most kids do it but Pascal puts on this weird American accent when he is trying to be funny or make light of something. In the case above he started off with the funny voice but as he's 'please mummy' became more insistent he started to lose it. I actually thought he was going to cry but he sucked it up at the last minute and by all accounts had a great day...awesome!

**This post was really hard as I'm operating on approximately 3 hours sleep due to crying Sweeney. He has still been crying intermittedly today so haven't had any downtime. I feel a bit cuckoo in all honesty.

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