Wednesday, November 4, 2009

She finally realised shes DOESN'T have to write a meandering essay for each post

I am quite proud of my little post yesterday actually. Nice and succint. Mysterious. Don't ya think? Don't ya?

Anyway, I did say I would tell you about the fight I got into on Mamamia's blog. Then I can move on.

Yes MOVE ON Mandy/Alias whoever you are. NO-ONE cares who you are. That's what someone said to me, can you believe it?

I will really try not to write a boring essay on it because my rambling seemed to prompt that very rude response in the first place. Or was it something more.

Basically I commented on a guest post (on Mamamia) about a mental breakdown which for some reason irritated me. I still don't know exactly what it was about this post in particular because I consider myself to be empathetic to a fault. I am definitely of the belief that our struggles are all relative to our experiences. I am often moved to tears by people's plights and they definitely do not have to be from a disadvantaged community to earn my compassion. So here I am explaining myself again, please stop.

Someone wrote something that didn't sit right with me and I decided to say so. (Ok I 'replied' in agreement to another comment because I am CHICKEN bukKER bukKER). Then Gina*, the original poster who had the career crisis, I mean mental breakdown, replied basically defending herself but then also showed she can get cut like any of us humans by calling me out on my use of an Alias and a contradiction I had made. Then I kind of fell all over myself trying to explain in what I thought was a non threatening, nice goofy way:

Ok. I do sound like a bit of a self obsessed TOOL. But surely you can see beneath the blathering that I am somewhat of a sensitive flower? Who else would take such pains in explaining themselves.

I have to tell you CT definitely put me back in my box. I got all flushed and hot and tears literally sprang to my eyes. It took me back to Mrs McNeill's Year 7 Drama class when some friends with an ethnic background accused me of being racist when I suggested I should be the teacher and they be the students for a school skit.

After seething for the time it took me to breastfeed I felt ok. Enough for me NOT to write a comment in the vain of 'well obviously you care enough to leave a comment like that CT, where's you interesting contribution to this topic as I notice this is the only comment you've made in this section' ...see I had it all worked out but I took the higher road!

I mean, clearly, CT has some issues and that's all there is to it. Who writes stuff like 'no one cares' unless they do. Which makes me wonder if CT is in fact Gina*?

Anyway best not go there!

CT you will be happy to know I have now moved on.

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