Saturday, March 21, 2009

A whole new world

Well, that was bloody annoying! I finally dredge up the motivation to start writing blog stuff after SIX MONTHS and I can't get into my account. Google thinks I am an imposter and won't send me a password for Schtickless number one. Guess it's my fault for not remembering my password and then going and changing my email was still annoying though.

One plus that comes instantly to mind is that maybe, just maybe, I will become a better blogger out of this. Well, in terms of quantity at least. The impetus that got me blogging again turns out to be the cause of all the shennanigans. We recently have moved from a clunky, unreliable, slow iprimus (in their defense we had a very outdated deal, our modem was on it's last legs and the old copper lines were just, well, old) to fast cable broadband (with wireless modem) care of Optus. The best thing about this is I can catch up with the norties and blog from bed. Handy for a seven and half month pregnant mofo...

And that's where I left poor old she is or is she ain't? Well I wasn't pregnant like I thought I was in that last post which led to a bit of a meltdown and subsequent epiphany. I was DEVASTATED, totally and disproportionately so. Then, THEN I had a complete about-face. I realised that I was trying to replace the baby that I had lost with the miscarriage and had set this rigid 'gotta get pregnant before November' deadline. I came to terms that this was most unlikely immediately (like, I said - an epiphany) and felt something close to elation. It didn't matter if I didn't get pregnant before November 4. It was still going to be a sad date. It didn't matter if I didn't get pregnant in six months or a year. I just knew that I would be fine, that I would get pregnant eventually....and I did. The very next month!

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