Saturday, March 21, 2009

These Barking dogs are driving me batty!

Yes, I am becoming an intolerant old bag in me old age but is there anything more annoying than a dog barking non stop?...

Yes, as it turns out, there is! A squeaky nail in a fence that goes eek eek every 20 seconds with the wind. Then how about the chainsaw that goes on and off for two hours. This was my day today, just a cycle of annoying noises.

Funnily enough, none at the same time. The dog would go on for about an hour, then it was the fence's turn. The wind dies down, then just as I notice this and appreciate it, the guy down the road starts the chainsaw. I'm just about to crack (well, on the inside) and it stops - then return of the barking dog for another hour or two.

Though, right now, it's blissful silence.

I am such an old biddy aren't I?

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