Monday, March 30, 2009

That damn dog across the road is barking again...

Big dumb barks. ROH ROH ROH...but I can't really complain because so is mine..

Weeeell, you know how I said we don't go to McDonalds very often? We went today and that makes it twice in three weeks. I just can't seem to say no to Pascal at the moment because he is being too cute! He called it Old McDonalds again and he wanted the black spiderman and I really, really wanted a cheeseburger. So I pretty much ate the food and he got the toy. (SHUT UP STUPID DOG!!!)

He had a tuna nori roll beforehand (we were playing musical chairs in the food court at High Point) and I had a cucumber and avocado one so it wasn't all bad.

Oh, and I am remembering a few other cute Pascalisms that will probably disappear in the next six months.

He is still calling a computer a 'bakwoooter' although he does know how to say computer.

He calls garden gnomes 'Romans'...he picked one up from a garage sale a few months ago and for some reason called it a Roman - now they all are.

The Dawg has stopped..woohoo!

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