Friday, October 2, 2009

Another weekend a'comin

I remember chancing across a late night special on Robbie Williams and he said something that made me kind of like him. He said (and this so not verbatim) 'don't listen to me, I contradict myself with every sentence'...It was pretty much a throwaway line but I loved it as I can so so relate. I loved that he could admit this to himself and others instead of paint himself into a corner with his contradictions as I tend to do.

I thought of this in the shower because yesterday, if I had got around to posting on this blog I was going to defend my addiction to The Bachelor and Bachelorette which is finishing up on the dream channel (for a trash junkie like myself) that is GO! (Channel 99). I was going to go on about how these shows are actually not empty and vacuous because after all isn't love the most important thing in the world? Without Love wouldn't we, quite literally, not exist at all? I was all gooey after accidentally watching the end of three hours of recorded Bachelorette finale to find she chose the poor boy and felt all gooey about it.

Then I googled them and found out they have broken up. I am so surprised!
Yeah, right.

Well anyway, today is a different story. As I let the lovely warm drops shower on me for a little longer than four minutes I realised I just have to stop watching TV, get my notebook out (or laptop on WITHOUT internet connection) and start creating. I have not writen past those first five BRILLIANT!!! lines of my teen Twilightesque novel so I'm getting all angsty again. I also have a couple of other ideas which I'm working on (not writing related) so my brain is buzzing!

I just hope those wearies tonight are not so chronic that I forget that I'm not watching TV.

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