Friday, September 25, 2009

My active dreamlife

Over the last few weeks I have been having absolutely epic dreams. I always have had very vivid dreams. In fact some dreams go back to, well, since I can remember remembering.

Actually now that I think about it a bit more maybe these epic dreams I'm having now are no less full on than other ones I've had in the past. Like the one where I shot Hitler in his temple (as some kind of right hand man general type character) or the other where I was being chased through a forest by very scary but oh so cool and sexy vampires with a bunch of 'survivors'. (This was about a year before Interview with a Vampire which makes it, what, fifteen years before Twilight and that's what the vampires looked like in my dream, all dreadlocks and long coats but of course there was The Lost Boys about ten years before I had this dream so yeah, er herm, now where was I?)

So I guess what I'm saying these dreams are more full on than the ones I had, say, a month ago. You could say I'm going through one of my epic dream periods.

And the dream that prompted this post?

It was a good old armeggedon dream which started off very cinematically. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if my dream stole this 'scene' directly from a movie. I'm this middle aged business man with dark brown hair and a receding hairline on a plane. I finally get to chat with a steward who I've been admiring from afar over a number of flights (I must travel a lot) and just as I'm feeling quite pleased with myself (when I say cinematically, I mean it - I'm sitting down in the aisle seat while she is tending to someone and we share a shy flirtatious smile) the plane gets into some violent turbulence. The captain's voice is over the loud speaker as the plane dives down into a busy city street. I'm actually thinking something like "great just as I've finally broken the ice with this girl", then it goes black.

Now I'm on the outside viewing it like I am watching a movie. The plane crash is just one of many distastrous things happening. Buildings are crashing down etc etc...and yes, I have seen the trailer for 2012 so it's very much like that.

Anyway, somehow I have survived this crash with just a bit of a bloodshot eye to show for it! I'm in the city's streets (have no idea what city) and heading out from the centre of town where I reach a narrow street of shops and terrace houses. The grass median strips are mostly yellow (suggesting drought) but I look closely and dark liquid is bubbling up moistening the earth and staining the grass. I recoil in horror as I realise it's blood. As I come to this realisation I notice the dogs in the street. There are about ten or twelve in a pack which are/were obviously pets (there is even a pug) but they are whining and getting quite frenzied. They notice me so I go straight to a run down terrace house with a large windowed shop front and ask the people if I can come in. They let me in straight away and we're all like 'What the fuck is going on?' as we check laptops with news blaring on the TV. Meanwhile the dogs are scrabbling outside and I'm really worried that they are trying to get in to attack us. But then the dogs are kind of forgotten.

So now I think I'm me and not the business man anymore. The people who live in the house are kind of sexually perverted. Well, maybe that's a bit too strong as they seem genuine and harmless but they are into something strange. This is more a feeling than anything. Maybe it's because one of the guys is Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I was introduced to him via the film Happiness and sorry, Phillip, you will never shake that character in my eyes!

Anyway, Phillip is not the only character from the silver screen. One of the girls is Dawn from Buffy and she and this other girl are the guys girlfriends. And now I am remembering the kinky thing. Their boyfriends prefer the girls to dress up as guys (like Buck in United States of Tara).. Anyway the Dawn character moved me as at one point she had an expression that was so childlike, even baby like and I thought to myself 'that's the face her mother knows'...

Phew..still more!!!

So now I think I am that Dawn girl or at least I'm viewing her background. (Meanwhile there is still a sense of the world ending). I'm in a commission flat type place and this bogan but good mother comes home to her daughter who exclaims happily that their gas bill has been paid by the landlord. The mother practically bursts into tears and is like "No, nooo!" which confuses the girl (Dawn, who is about eleven) but I know what's going on and understand why the mother might be upset. The mother goes to the landlord (who is a hardfaced bitch with yellow bleached short hair and dangling ciggie) and starts yelling about being able to afford the bill (it was $8.00) and it wasn't even due so why did she pay it? The landlord is just looking down writing in her ledger as she tells her it was due today so that's close enough. The mother knows she can't do anything but accept it. 'It' being the 'administration' fee and interest the landlord wacks on to the total which takes the bill up to $38.00...

Then I'm the girl as a teenager and I finally get out of the greasy spoon I'm working at (to pay off my mum's bills or something) and move, literally, across the other side of the tracks to a funky cafe in the nice part of town. The owner is the landlord's son and I'm so happy that he is not a bogan, and more importantly, not evil anymore. I find out he was just another victim of his mother. Even though I don't remember him in the dream before this point, I think he was a bully and it's a revelation that he's actually nice...but is he?

While the girl (me?) has changed places she hasn't changed jobs and is still a chip fryer. She walks through the cafe that is tastefully decorated. The waiting staff are friendly and clean but as we go deeper into the kitchen the fryer is just the same as the one from the greasy spoon she 'escaped' and she still get's splattered with hot fat. Only more so this time as the vats are frosted over. The armeggedon part of the dream crops up again as the kitchen is tremoring as the girl is trying to fry her chips. As the ice falls in it makes the oil pop and splatter really loudly.

Oh my God. I'm so tired but I'm glad I got it down. There was another part to it but I've forgotten. Actually I don't think my brain has enough space for it and probably has had to let it go...

Far out..what does it all mean!!!

Probably something very boring like processing the almost cooking disaster with the pad thai last night.

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