Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcome Liam David!

Last night we went to visit Uncle Sammy and Aunty Glenda who gave birth to Pascal's and Sweeney's cousin Liam on Wednesday night. He is very scrumptious and so tiny compared to Sweeney. It's unbelievable what three and a half months growth looks like when you have a direct comparison.

We had dinner with new dad Sammy at a Thai restaurant near the beach in Hampton (near the hospital Glenda was in). It's amazing how many old people were out! The grey to other hair colour was about 75/25.

Looks like 'NanaLand'* is still living up to it's name thirty years on!

Anyway, we decided on this Thai restaurant as it had the least amount of grey haired ladies and gents. I don't have anything against our elders, just that I get a bit paranoid having young kids around them and Pascal can get a bit cheeky.**

As Asa took Pascal to the toilet one cozy couple caught my eye...

Me (motioning towards them): "Hey, I think they're on their first date."

Sammy: "Yep, they met online - Sprightly 90 year old into golf and S&M seeks no strings attached fun with woman into same. Great grandkids OK."


*My nana lived around this area and they were everywhere then!

**When Pascal was three he used to break into 'This old man, he played one' whenever he saw an elderly man...or woman. We didn't leave the restaurant completely cringefree. He spoke a bit of gibberish to the Thai waitress and when Asa said 'oh, stop being silly' Pascal said cheekily 'but I'm speaking Chinese!' Luckily she dug his cheeky style and gave him a lollypop.

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